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Claire Iverson

"Dr. Maks is the ultimate health professional. He takes the time at the start of every session to listen to you, collaboratively understand where your issues are even if you are bad at explaining it beyond "it hurts", and he adjusts the game plan for how to make you better accordingly. We've done combinations of dry needling, massage, stretching, core exercises, etc. On top of that, he's got a great personality! He's provided tons of patient education for me which has helped me tie what we are doing in the sessions to every day life outside and I've made significant progress in a short amount of time by putting in the extra work outside of our sessions with his guidance. I can't recommend Maks highly enough!"

Stefan Pearson

"Maks has really separated himself in a distinguishable way when it comes to my experience with him. Contrary to the "surface" level - all in one treatment styles here in America - he has chosen to get to know me..."

Ray Chan


"Dr. Maks has manage to make my work-stress-related back (upper and lower), arm, and neck pain virtually disappear. I have been dealing with back pain on-and-off since graduate school (over 20 years ago!) and the pain had intensified and became chronic. Dr. Maks has basically eliminated the need for my stockpile of muscle relaxants, ibuprofen, muscle rubs/sprays, lidocaine patches, tiger balm.  Highly recommend, you won't regret it."

Arina Perez


"Maks and his team are amazing!!!!! I was suffering with a lot of back, shoulders, neck pain and also a bad migraine, since my first appointment with Maks I could notice a change, now all the pain is gone!! This was definitely a life change!!! Thank you so much!!!! :)"

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