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Diaphragmatic Rehabilitation

The diaphragm is our body’s primary engine that is responsible for respiration. Unfortunately, as we age and experience emotional and physical traumas, our diaphragm begins to lose its proper function and we begin to rely on accessory muscles (chest, shoulder and neck muscles) to breathe. Releasing the diaphragm and improving diaphragmatic breathing will improve spinal column mobility, decrease shoulder tension, decrease neck and back pain, decrease stress, improve sleep pattern, and improve posture.


Scar tissue is a normal and important part of healing, but depending on the injury, it can also restrict mobility and cause pain. Scar tissue can attach to underlying structures such as tendons, ligaments, fascia, and skin which makes normal movements difficult and painful. Scar tissue can also make it difficult to maintain good postural alignment. Scar tissue mobilization and remodeling ensures that range of motion, strength, and mobility are maximized at the injured tissue.

Posture Re-education

Proper posture involves training your body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments. It is of paramount importance to correct poor posture to prevent onset of pain and compensation patterns. These techniques will help you stand and sit taller, decrease forward head posture, decrease thoracic kyphosis, and improve daily function and efficiency.

Neural Tension Release

Nerves play an essential role in maintaining our body's health and managing pain levels. High neural tension can be deceptive and present itself as tight muscles, weakness, and jittery actions. This neural tension release technique has been developed in Italy and encompasses Eastern philosophies of holistic care.

Therapy for Singers


This technique was developed in Italy for the purpose of improving classically trained singers. Whether you are a professional opera singer or just starting out in a local band, this technique will decrease your tension, improve your voice, lower your stress/anxiety, and improve your posture, allowing you to sing for longer periods of time with less fatigue or strain on your body. There are no other professionals in the US that offer this unique technique.

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