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Pancafit Class

The Pancafit Technique is a unique global stretch that simultaneously addresses muscle, myofascia, neural tissue, and diaphragm. This patented tool was developed by premiere Italian therapist Daniele Raggi.  This technique, previously unseen in the United States, promotes a healthy and connected physical body: increased proprioception, improved posture, decreased pain, enhanced breathing pattern, ameliorated balance, and reduced instances of numbness and tingling. 

Physica Medica established the first and only Pancafit class in the United States. Each 60 minute class works to lengthen tissues throughout the entire body, while also placing particular focus on a specific corporal region. Participation in the Pancafit Class will help prevent long term physical consequences due to poor posture and abnormalities such as:

  • Compensations

  • Arthritis pain

  • Sciatica

  • Respiratory difficulties

  • Migrains

  • Loss of height

  • Limps

  • Twisted toes

  • Rounded shoulders 

  • Hunched back

  • Forward head posture

  • Spinal misalignment (scoliosis)

  • Uneven shoulders

  • Disturbed sleep patterns

  • Scar tissue formation

  • Crooked limbs 

Weekly Pancafit Class Schedule 

Pancafit class:
Saturday at 9:30am 

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