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Ryan Plaisance,
Personal Trainer



Being active has always been a big part of my life. Throughout my childhood I played high level soccer and went on to play at the collegiate level at Saint Mary’s College of Maryland, where I became nominated as an All Conference Athlete. Throughout my athletic career I explored many different styles of training to improve my health and performance. After my playing career I found I was on a continual cycle of training and rehabbing injuries; I felt as though as soon as I rehabbed one injury, another would pop up and send me right back to physical therapy. I started to realize that the way I was training was contributing to my recurrent injuries. I began to become fascinated with biomechanics, and the way the human body should move through space. Using training protocols that address how the fascia and muscles work together in natural human movement has helped become pain free and improve performance! I have taken what I have learned on my own journey to improve the health and performance of my clients!



I specialize in training that integrates your body as a system! Efficient movement involves a communication between the muscles, fascia and gravity. My training helps my clients: move with minimal wear and tear on the body, correct movement dysfunctions that contribute to pain, improve posture, improve body aesthetics, as well as move more like an athlete! My goal for my sessions is for them not to end as soon as the client walks out of the door; I teach my clients movement and postural principles that they can bring with them into their everyday life as well as athletic performance. Regardless of age or skill level I work with you on a regimen that is specific to your needs in order to live long and move well!


What will our first session look like? We will begin by:

  • Assessing postural deficiencies

  • Assessing movement deficiencies

  • Practicing the foundations of good movement and posture


My goal is to transform the way you feel, look and move!

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