Physical Therapy and Postural Correction Studio

Maksim Birikov -

Doctor of Physical Therapy

The human body is an incredible machine. It’s designed to keep us moving and to support our lifestyle, whether it’s craning our necks at a computer screen all day or training for a marathon. However, our demands do eventually catch up to us. Thus, the body pulls itself out of balance little by little as it strains to meet our daily demands. 


Though the pain and tension may appear to have come out of nowhere one day, it’s usually the result of a series of little imbalances that have been quietly building up in our bodies over time.

In physical therapy, this is a mechanism we call “compensation” - when our bones, fascia, joints and muscles that should normally work together become misaligned and exhausted. 


As a board-certified physical therapist, I established Physica Medica to restore proper functional movement by breaking down unhealthy soft tissue relationships and bringing your body back into balance and harmony. The goal for my patients is long-term relief and pain prevention. 

Group Seminars 

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